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Artista Soft Air-Drying modelling paste’s main ingredients are potato flour and rice flour, contains no toxins or resins.

It is extremely light to use and contains its own glue and as such will  not stick to your hands. An opaque paste, it is virtually unbreakable when dry.


STANDARD PASTE Pack size: 150g Price: £5.50 DE LUXE PASTE Pack size: 200g Price: £6.50

This is a generative of Artista Soft, but is much finer and more flexible. Again it is a non-edible product.

It can be rolled out extremely thin and can be mixed with Artista Soft White - or Artista/Hearty colours.

Alternatively use your usual powder or food colourings for pale colourings. Acrylics, water colours, poster paints or any colour may be added if required for craft projects.